Windows 2008 SP2 Stuck Listing Required Updates

Windows 2008 SP2 Stuck Listing Required Updates

Postby sdamesek » 23.05.2019, 02:56

I am patching an old Windows 2008 SP2 (32 bit) system. I have downloaded all the patches and started the installation process. Currently the CMD window is stuck on Listing Required IDs. It let this run 12 hours last night - it never finished. I rebooted tonight in SAFE MODE and deleted the Software Distribution Folder. Then rebooted and the WSUS Offline CMD file took over. If this doesn't work tonight I need to stop the CMD file and get the machine back.

How to I stop the CMD file from running on reboot and restart using the Login pages (which are currently bypassed?)
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Re: Windows 2008 SP2 Stuck Listing Required Updates

Postby aker » 23.05.2019, 11:55

1) Cleanup the autologin
- logout of WOUTempAdmin
- login with your user profile
- run ...\wsusoffline\client\cmd\CleanupRecall.cmd

2) Long search issue
- install the updates listed here:
- be sure to use the most recent version of wsusou (11.7.2)
- the rest is caused by the increasing number of supersedances inside and cannot really be fixed except for MS cleaning the catalog

Maybe you could try installing the most recent rollup before running wsusou (KB4499149).
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