Win 8.1 SP1 seemingly stuck at 'Listing IDs

Win 8.1 SP1 seemingly stuck at 'Listing IDs

Postby Dunadan94 » 03.03.2019, 19:44


Currently, I'm trying to make a freshly installed Win 8.1 up-to-date. So far, I managed to install 26 updates, including SP1.

Since SP1, conventional methods, both via Windows Update and downloaded standalone updaters fail. (Both stuck at searching for updates as if in an infinite loop.)

I have tried put more than a dozen 'fixes' found on different forums, without any success so far (around 8 hours of work wasted so far).

I have tried WSUS 11.6 as an alternative, but it also got stuck at the point 'Listing ids of missing updates.' It is stuck at that line for more than 2 hours now.

Is there any fix or solution for this? Please. 'My kingdom for an Update.'

Background: Right now, my AMD Radeon dedicated video card insta-kills my system the moment I enable it. AMD support said it is possible, that a clean and up to date system might fix it, if not, it is a 'goodbye motherboard, let's buy a new laptop' situation. I'm in engineering, and use 3D modelling programs daily, so I need that GPU to work :(
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Re: Win 8.1 SP1 seemingly stuck at 'Listing IDs

Postby Dalai » 04.03.2019, 01:48

Hi, and welcome to the forum :).

First thing: There are no service packs for Windows 8 and higher, so I don't know what you mean by that.

Did you try the fix I mention on my site That is, temporarily disabling automatic update check, rebooting the system, installing two (so-called prerequisite) updates, reboot again. WSUS Offline already does all that, but maybe the prerequisite updates fail to install properly. Please check if the mentioned updates are listed in the List of Installed Updates.

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Re: Win 8.1 SP1 seemingly stuck at 'Listing IDs

Postby joem » 02.05.2019, 06:42

Did you ever get this working? I have exactly the same issue.
Dalai - Many Thanks! Followed your post resolved the issue for me! Wasted a good few hours trying to get this working before stumbling on your post.
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