Windows 10 1903 Autologon problem

Windows 10 1903 Autologon problem

Postby stargate » 25.04.2019, 18:28

Hello, first of all I would like to apologize for my bad translation. Unfortunately I do not know English, my apologies. I hope you understand my comments.
I have the same problem as you and I think it's due to the latest version of W10, the March one. With October, it worked perfectly. I managed to enter the session by modifying the registry but with a liveCD, hirencd or DLC Boot. But it is not only the only problem, from the updates with WSUS Offline the option to change user is disabled and it is not possible to activate it again, I have not succeeded. Its a big problem. If someone has got it, please, I would like to share it.
Thank you very much to all.

Hola, antes de nada me gustaría pedir disculpas por mi mala traducción. Lamentablemente no se inglés, mis disculpas. Espero entendais mis comentarios.
Tengo el mismo problema que vosotros y creo que es debido a la última versión de W10, la de marzo. Con la de octubre funcionaba perfectamente. He conseguido entrar en la sesión modificando el registro pero con un liveCD, hirencd o DLC Boot. Pero no es solo el único problema, a partir de las actualizaciones con WSUS Offline la opción de cambiar de usuario queda desactivada y no es posible volver a activarla, yo no lo he conseguido. Es un gran problema. Si alguien lo ha conseguido por favor agradecería lo compartiera.
Muchas gracias a todos.
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Re: Windows 10 1903 Autologon problem

Postby corg » 26.04.2019, 22:10

Hi there, same problem just happened here. I don't have time to troubleshoot right now, will try tomorrow.

Explanation: I activated automatic reboot, but WOUTEMPAdmin didn't manage to log back in. Since the password is apparently randomized there is no chance to log back in manually, also there is no apparent way to change user into one of the other accounts. Next reasonable step would be to try safe mode, however as said, I don't have time for this right now.


I don't know which Windows version I was updating from, but since it's a brand new device it could already be the March update.

EDIT: As I didn't have anything important to lose I reset my PC. Every update until now was already installed, so I believe that even though I could never login again the update script ran through.
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Re: Windows 10 1903 Autologon problem

Postby Cababs » 09.06.2019, 12:27

i have had auto login fail on be before with different versions of windows. i remember it failing on vista and 7. they way i got around that was to use the latest WOU version and by force restarting the system. when you reboot into windows the WOUtemp account should log in and continue. instead of sademode maybe loading into Windows Recovery Enviroment, which can be found on a Windows 10 install media. instead of installing there is a option to "Repair my Computer". this will get you to command prompt.

you might be correct, i have not tested Win10 1903.
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Re: Windows 10 1903 Autologon problem

Postby flummie » 10.06.2019, 12:51

I think "automatic reboot and recall" is disabled for Windows 10 since WOU version 11.7
Which version do you use?
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