Release Notes for Linux Scripts, Version 1.5

Release Notes for Linux Scripts, Version 1.5

Postby hbuhrmester » 01.05.2018, 22:22

Release Notes for Version 1.5

Release date: 2018-05-01
Intended compatibility: WSUS Offline Update Version 11.2.2 and later

Changes in this version:

  • Bug fix: The files ExcludeList-superseded.txt and ExcludeList-superseded-seconly.txt are renamed to ExcludeList-Linux-superseded.txt and ExcludeList-Linux-superseded-seconly.txt in the Linux scripts.

    This was reported by josalom in:

    The files ExcludeList-superseded.txt and ExcludeList-superseded-seconly.txt on Windows and Linux are not really compatible to each other, because they are sorted differently:

    The Linux files are sorted in C-style, by setting the environment variable LC_ALL=C.

    The sort order in the Windows script DownloadUpdates.cmd is not defined. Depending on the version, GNU sort may then honor the user's locale or use a natural number sorting. Underscores and other punctuation marks are removed. The result will be different in a few places. If these files are used with join on the Linux side, then join may complain, that the file is unsorted.

    For example, there are three Visio updates for Microsoft Office. In C-style, the sort order is:

    Code: Select all

    A natural number sort would remove the underscores, isolate the numbers, and sort them by their numeric values. The number 403 surely is smaller than 2002, so the sort order becomes:

    Code: Select all

    GNU join is used to match two files by a common field. Both files must be sorted in a consistent way. If the environment variable LC_ALL=C is set, then the files are expected to be sorted in C-style. A different sort order will be reported as an error.

    The best fix seems to be, to rename the files ExcludeList-superseded.txt and ExcludeList-superseded-seconly.txt in the Linux version. Then Windows and Linux, if used alternately with the same WSUS Offline Update installation, can use their own versions of these files, without affecting each other.

    Existing files in the ../exclude directory are kept and renamed, if they are sorted in the expected order, and if they use Linux line endings.

  • The installation guide has an example for Fedora 27 and a new chapter for optional packages.

The download links for this version are: ... hashes.txt ... report.pdf ... llpage.png

The hashes for the archive sh-1.5.tgz are:
Code: Select all
MD5:     a71c09fa68d66d7ef1549647e12cde29
SHA-256: b579c1930436d9aab39fab5827f6c9467992f70ba1ad59414ac655f98947cff5
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