Server 2008 R2 KB2992611 Problem

Server 2008 R2 KB2992611 Problem

Postby gerrymouse1 » 19.04.2017, 16:00


I have been attempting to update a server that is behind a Firewall using WSUS Offline. There have been no updates installed on this device since it was installed back in 2012. This is my first attempt at completing this task.

Everything was going fine until I seem to have hit a wall with KB2992611. The update installs and then a reboot is requested. Problem is that after I reboot I get the same thing happening again and again and ............ You get the point.

Any suggestions welcome.



Re: Server 2008 R2 KB2992611 Problem

Postby aker » 20.04.2017, 22:03

Do the following:
- boot into safe mode and delete C:\Windows\wsusofflineupdate.log, C:\Windows\Logs\DISM\DISM\*, C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\*
- reboot
- retry wsusou
- upload the three log files (CBS.log, DISM.log, wsusofflineupdate.log) and post a link here
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