This software WORKS!

This software WORKS!

Postby lobbythelobster » 10.09.2016, 03:55

My Windows 7 X64 updates was BROKEN! :evil:

I turned off my windows updates.
I downloaded this software, ran it.
It installed all the updates.
Rebooted a couple times.
The software Turned on my windows updates after it was done.
Then Windows updates started to work again! MAGIC! :mrgreen: :geek:

Re: This software WORKS!

Postby Gerby » 13.09.2016, 10:36

Hi lobbythelobster,

Nice to read that WSUS Offline Update (WOU) helped you.

However, it should be mentioned that there isn't any dedicated repair functionality integrated and that WOU isn't intended to repair broken Windows installations. As it (for example) installs system tools, there are of course chances that this could be healing in some way.

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Re: This software WORKS!

Postby LoominousFish » 21.09.2016, 13:47

I registered just to say: THANK YOU!

The Windows update feature on my computer was stuck for more than week, searching for updates and hogging all the ressources. I tried every trick found on the internet but nothing worked. Until I tried WOU. It found 4 missing updates, installed them, rebooted and then magic happened: the Windows update feature started working again. Now my computer is again working smoothly.

I cannot say this enough: thank you, thank you, thank you :)

PS: the automatic reboot and update recall is so, so convenient. Thanks to that I could let WOU work alone during dinner time and when I came back it was all done, computer rebooted and ready to go.

Re: This software WORKS!

Postby michaelkeith » 21.09.2016, 18:23

Yes, this software does indeed work and I admire the brain behind it. What is the mighty vendor whose update software stopped working on millions?? of pcs worldwide doing about a patch? I tried to load KB3172605 to no avail and only after using WSUS did my system start working sweetly again. THANKS once more to WSUS.

This software keeps working (for me too)

Postby ScubaMan » 29.10.2016, 22:09

Yes, this is also going to be a love letter to WSUS. I'm Canadian, so I'll say... "sorry, eh". :mrgreen:

I purchased a used Compaq HP Deskpro 6000 from a vendor who sells to school teachers (your Ontario [Canada] tax dollars help subsidize technology to the likes of me [I won't waste it... I buy used gear for the home-office]). For ~$500, I got the machine, a Win7 pro (64-bit) download, a 1TB hd, and 4GB of RAM. When I got it, the OS was a mess! I suspect that they simply re-registered the MS sticker key and hit the RESTORE feature. The OS's WU feature was NOT working. I used the steps at How To Geek (10/25/2016 posting [ ]). In a rage, I reinstalled the OS and all of the needed HP drivers (that took a couple of evenings). Still, WU was hanging up. Eventually, after exhausting all the their options, I downloaded WSUS to try it out. The generator-app worked fine. The client got stuck for ~6h. No, no, no. I went on your (excellent) discussion boards and searched out the issue. If followed the posted advice (with my added neurotic steps): (a) shutdown MS Security Essentials; (b) deselected all automatic WU features (as this forum suggested); (c) ignored the copious red-flag warnings from the OS (bless their M$ hearts); (d) unplugged the NAT cable (my 46-year old fears and watching too many 1980s SciFi flicks [WarGames, anyone? Tron?]); (e) warm rebooted. (f) Result = fired up the WSUS client and let it run. MS-DOS screen finished scrolling, with a "success" final line. (g) Outcome = It appears very promising. MS Security Essentials back online. Normal boot-up. Yes, I reactivated WU (that might change). No, I'm still getting a big red X on WU after steps (a) to (h). :shock:

Yes, WSUS helped me out and I'll donate (via PayPal?). This program is of the same calibre as my other Donation-ware application: KeePass. Thanks, eh. Scubaman, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Re: This software WORKS!

Postby WSUSUpdateAdmin » 03.11.2016, 12:51

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