Clean install of 2012R2... couldn't complete...undoing

Clean install of 2012R2... couldn't complete...undoing

Postby paulf123 » 31.01.2018, 21:14

First of all thank you for this product. Potentially a big time saver!

Unfortunately I have issues. This is a fresh installation (no other updates) of 2012R2 Standard EVAL as a Gen II Hyper-V VM.

There are no errors in the downloads.

I get a reboot (after OKing UAC for auto reboot/recall) then machines goes to coulnd't complete undoing. Then machine boots to a temporary user profile the only non standard options I chose were in building = include security essentials (did this by mistake actually,) and in the installer I checked management 5.1 and automatic reboot and recall.

That being said on reboot/rollback it looks like updating is continuing... maybe this is all part of the magic and I will end up fully patched?

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Re: Clean install of 2012R2... couldn't complete...undoing

Postby Dalai » 01.02.2018, 00:43

Hi, welcome to the forums :).

Can you post the contents of C:\Windows\wsusofflineupdate.log (in CODE tags), please? Generally, when automatic reboot is enabled, WSUS Offline creates an additional Windows account named WOUTempAdmin which it uses to logon to Windows automatically and install all updates and rebooting the system when necessary. The account will get deleted when WSUS Offline has done its job. Your regular Windows account won't be touched in any way.

However, one should be aware that this temporary account will get all (provisioned) apps on Windows 8 and higher (don't know if Windows Server contains this crap, too).

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