Ermittlung der / Detection of superseded Updates

Ermittlung der / Detection of superseded Updates

Postby aker » 28.08.2014, 21:09

Durch eine Änderung des Dateiformats einer Datei in der Datei (ab der Version vom 27.08.2014) erkennt WSUS Offline Update keine superseded Updates mehr, sodass auch bereits ersetzte Patches einmalig wieder heruntergeladen werden.

Due to changes to a file inside (since 2014-08-27) WSUS Offline Update isn't able to dynamically determine superseded updates anymore. This will cause it to redownload superseded updates once.

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WSUSOU version 9.4

Postby harry » 02.09.2014, 11:48

WSUS Offline Update version 9.4

.\doc\history.txt wrote:- NOTE: Please delete ...\exclude\ExcludeList-superseded.txt once you updated to v. 9.4 to be sure to have it re-created during the next download run
- Fix: Superseded updates' determination was broken by new catalog file format (Thanks to "boco", "aker" and "wyoming")
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