DetermineSystemProperties Fault

DetermineSystemProperties Fault

Postby DuncanK » 05.07.2019, 10:46


I am getting the following error when trying to install updates:

wsus 11.5 error: unsupported operating system (x64)

when I run the DetermineSystemProperties script it returns a blank txt file on the desktop.

Any suggestions where the fault may be?
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Re: DetermineSystemProperties Fault

Postby boco » 05.07.2019, 12:21

Quote from the FAQ:

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Q: On installation of patches I'm getting strange errors in the command line window, e. g. "C:\wsusupdate\client\cmd\DetermineSystemProperties.vbs(92, 3) (null): 0x80041014". Then the script terminates. What is the cause and how can I solve this problem?
A: For trouble-free execution, the script requires the correct installation and configuration of the following Windows services/components: "Automatic Update/Windows Update (WUA)", "Windows Script Host (WSH)" and "Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)". Please check first if you have restricted or even disabled these services with tools like TweakUI, nLite/vLite, XP-Antispy, XPy, Tuneup Utilities etc.
If that's not the case, the cause is most probably an erroneous scripting components' or WMI registration.
To (re-)register the scripting components on your computer, please follow the instructions at
To check your WMI installation, use Microsoft's WMI diagnostics tool ( Further technical information is given on; the WMI FAQs you'll find on

Please check that the mentioned components (WUA, WSH and WMI) are fully operational.
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Re: DetermineSystemProperties Fault

Postby aker » 05.07.2019, 22:01

Could you also please manually run .\client\cmd\DeterminSystemProperties.vbs with admin rights and then post the content of WOUSystemProperties.txt saved on your Desktop.
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