ISO too large to burn to DVD

ISO too large to burn to DVD

Postby kadirh2 » 24.04.2019, 19:21

Any ideas how I can burn a large iso file wsuoffline-w63-x64 which is 5.487 Gb to one / multiple DVDs?
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Re: ISO too large to burn to DVD

Postby boco » 24.04.2019, 20:25

Most ISOs produced by WOU have outgrown the capacity of one-layered DVDs. There are several alternatives:

1. Sharing over the network - simply share the client subdirectory.
2. Use an USB drive. Can be overwritten/updated many times, future-proof (if large enough). WOU can directly copy to USB drives.
3. Use a two-layered DVD+R with a capacity of 8.5GB.
4. Use a BD-R/RE.

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