NEWS for Version 1.14 (2019-06-07)

NEWS for Version 1.14 (2019-06-07)

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NEWS for Version 1.14

Release date: 2019-06-07
Intended compatibility: WSUS Offline Update 11.7.2+ (r1052)

New features

Support for Trusted Root Certificates and Certificate revocation lists

The support for *.crt and *.crl files was added. Some of these files happen to have filenames with spaces. The Linux download scripts handle such filenames well, because all variables are properly quoted, but in the function cleanup_client_directory, filenames must be percent-encoded for comparison with the input file StaticDownloadLinks-win-glb.txt.

These certificate files were introduced in WSUS Offline Update 11.7.2+ (r1052):

The option to skip win/glb downloads in the preferences file was removed, to make sure that the certificate files will be downloaded. If you don't need Silverlight, you could add "Silverlight" to the file exclude/custom/ExcludeListForce-all.txt instead.

Internal changes

Reordered the positional parameters for the function cleanup_client_directory

Optional parameters should be listed last, to allow them to be replaced with standard parameters.

Modified the function log_debug_message to better handle multiple positional parameters

The first parameter is considered the debug message. Additional parameter are printed on separate lines. This can be used to print indexed arrays, without concatenating all elements to a single string.


Updated files Installation_Guide.txt and Installationsanleitung.txt

mkisofs/genisoimage was added as a recommended package.


The download links for this version are:

The hashes for the archive sh-1.14.tgz are:
Code: Select all
MD5:     24d5b12ee6e98a86549d57936a13abe0
SHA-256: 315ed47c0050c4f9596bece42b4e672f71cd69a538137061fc7dfb1d5ee8801b

Further Reading

The first three posts in the original topic A complete rewrite of the Linux scripts are still being updated, to point to the latest version:

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