Release Notes for Linux Scripts, Version 1.3

Release Notes for Linux Scripts, Version 1.3

Postby hbuhrmester » 19.04.2018, 11:14

Release Notes for Version 1.3

Release date: 2018-04-19
Intended compatibility: WSUS Offline Update Version 11.2.2 and later

Changes in this version:

  • Wget 1.18 and higher now display a progress bar in the terminal window. Earlier versions still use the dot display, which is written to the log file.

    In earlier Wget versions, the complete output would either go to the terminal window or into a log file. If the output was written to a log file, then Wget would always use a dot display for progress.

    In Wget 1.18, we can now have it both ways: a progress bar is displayed in the terminal window, while detailed information about the connections is still written to the log file. This needs a certain combination of options:

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    --verbose --append-output="${logfile}" --show-progress --progress=bar:noscroll

    The key here is the option --show-progress. The manual page for Wget explains:

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      Force wget to display the progress bar in any verbosity.


      This option will also force the progress bar to be printed to
      stderr when used alongside the --logfile option.

  • The file get-all-updates.bash was revised. All examples now use comma-separated lists for the updates.
  • A small typo in the file rebuild-integrity-database.bash was corrected.

The download links for this version are: ... hashes.txt ... report.pdf ... llpage.png

The hashes for the archive sh-1.3.tgz are:
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MD5:     a9c89595bf0c478731ce2bf004afd945
SHA-256: 509a7d64bcc27b3a8c33845bd264ae074368d9ef0f51612f2d2f9e93832e0b54
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