Release Notes for Linux Scripts, version 1.2

Release Notes for Linux Scripts, version 1.2

Postby hbuhrmester » 17.04.2018, 15:41

Release Notes for Version 1.2

Release date: 2018-04-17
Intended compatibility: WSUS Offline Update Version 11.2.2 and later

Changes in this version:

  • Added support for the configuration file exclude/ExcludeList-superseded-exclude-seconly.txt

    This file will be applied to the calculation of superseded updates, if the option prefer security-only updates is selected. Note, that there is no custom version of this file in the directory exclude/custom. This means, if you create a file exclude/custom/ExcludeList-superseded-exclude-seconly.txt, it won't be evaluated.

The downloads for this version are: ... sh-1.2.txt ... sh-1.2.pdf ... sh-1.2.png
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