Why were Linux scripts dropped?

Why were Linux scripts dropped?

Postby jelabarre » 20.08.2012, 18:13

I thought I'd be able to find some explanation posted here, but haven't found anything.

I had often used the Linux scripts for downloading updates, since I don't run Windows on my system (but fix Windows systems for friends/family). I see in the 7.4.2 version you dropped Linux script support. What broke that made the Linux scripts no longer maintainable (I'm presuming Microsoft broke something, but it woyuld be helpful to explain just what that was here).

Re: Why were Linux scripts dropped?

Postby harry » 20.08.2012, 18:31

see this post from 2012-05-29 Abkündigung der Linux-Unterstützung

Google translation:
Discontinuation of Linux support
Hey there!

Since I can not find anyone who is willing and able to take on the maintenance and development of Linux scripts for free, and since I sure did not have the capacity, I plan to "freeze" the Linux scripts in the next version and then no longer be supplied.

I regret this, but would like to avoid to deliver poorly conceived or poorly tested code.
I ask for your understanding.

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