Howto Download updates under FreeBSD

Howto Download updates under FreeBSD

Postby robbak » 24.02.2010, 00:58

I am pleased to report that downloading the updates works under FreeBSD, with a couple of fixes. (Note that I have not done a lot of verification yet, but I will report any problems that I have)

The first problem is the first line of the files - '#!/bin/bash'. Additional packages like bash are always installed under '/usr/local'. Luckily, sed can fix that up really quickly.
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cd wsusoffline/sh
sed -i .bak s-/bin/bash-/usr/local/bin/bash-g *

And while you are at it, make the scripts executable
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chmod a+x *.sh

Next you need cabextract, dos2unix and xmlstarlet (which the scripts warn you about) and wget (which they don't.), and mkisotools (Which the create iso step would warn you about, if you were watching at the time.
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sudo portinstall cabextract
sudo portinstall xmlstarlet
sudo portinstall converters/unix2dos
sudo portinstall wget
sudo portinstall  cdrtools-cjk

(the unix2dos port builds and installs both unix2dos and dos2unix. cdrtools-ckj adds support for asian character sets, which a lot of giu front ends (and maybe foreign language update sets) require. You can use the plain cdrtools port instead if you wish.)

You will also need bash, if you don't have it yet. I did not try the scripts under sh, as I expected such scripts to be full of bashisims, although I did not look for them.

Then update away!
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 ./ all-x86 enu /dotnet /makeiso

OH, and remember that all-x86 is now too large for a single layer dvd, and their doesn't seem to be a way to create a selective multi-os cd without hacking in wsusoffline/exclude/

Note that you will need to repeat the sed and chmod commands when you update.

Re: Howto Download updates under FreeBSD

Postby WSUSUpdateAdmin » 02.03.2010, 16:33

Hi robbak,

thanks for information! :)

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