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Postby jelabarre » 14.11.2011, 20:44

Got a chance to try the from wsusoffline 7.1, and it still fails to run. I've tried with various package sets (wxp, w60-64, etc) and they all will hang at the same location:

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System: w60-x64
Language: glb
Parameter: /dotnet /msse /wddefs
Downloading most recent Windows Update Agent and catalog file...
wget -nv -N --timeout=120 -i ../static/StaticDownloadLinks-wsus.txt -P ../client/wsus
Determining static URLs for w60-x64 glb...
Adding Custom-Links...
Extracting Windows update catalogue file package.xml...
../client/wsus/ WARNING; possible 5968 extra bytes at end of file.
Found valid list of superseded updates...
Determining update URLs for w60-x64 glb...

the download will never get past this point. I had thought it was because I had the "client" directory as a symlink to the externel NTFS where I keep those packages, but even copying the files to the local work directory in my home dir didn't work.

Re: hangs

Postby WSUSUpdateAdmin » 14.11.2011, 21:27

Pls. delete .../client/wsus/wsusscn2* and retry.
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