doesn't updated via linux script doesn't updated via linux script

Postby Medvedko » 18.09.2011, 20:44

File don't changes after first update in linux script, because "wget -c" only append this file.
When i download first update at 12 july 2011, doesn't changes, and today it was also dated from 12 july 2011.
As variant of solution i just always remove ../client/wsus/ before running download script, and file was dated as 14 september 2011.
Also beginning with Wget 1.7, if you use -c on a file which is of
equal size as the one on the server, Wget will refuse to download
the file and print an explanatory message. The same happens when
the file is smaller on the server than locally (presumably because
it was changed on the server since your last download
attempt)---because "continuing" is not meaningful, no download

On the other side of the coin, while using -c, any file that's
bigger on the server than locally will be considered an incomplete
download and only "(length(remote) - length(local))" bytes will be
downloaded and tacked onto the end of the local file. This
behavior can be desirable in certain cases---for instance, you can
use wget -c to download just the new portion that's been appended
to a data collection or log file.

Re: doesn't updated via linux script

Postby WSUSUpdateAdmin » 20.09.2011, 16:32

Hi and welcome, Medvedko,

thanks for information! I didn't know your citation, guess it's from the man pages...

Anyway, neither the "-c" nor "--no-cache" switch is used in the Windows download script (DownloadUpdates.cmd), so I just decided to completely remove them from also (see (r290)): '- Fix: script called wget using problematic -c and --no-cache switches (Thanks to "Medvedko")'.

Best regards
Torsten Wittrock
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