NEWS for Linux download scripts, version 1.20-ESR beta-2

NEWS for Linux download scripts, version 1.20-ESR beta-2

Postby hbuhrmester » 27.05.2021, 17:43

NEWS for the Linux download scripts, version 1.20-ESR (beta-2)

Release date: 2021-05-27
Development branch: esr-11.9
Supported version: WSUS Offline Update, Community Edition 11.9.8 (b75)

This is the second beta version of the Linux download scripts, version 1.20-ESR, to keep up with the changes in WSUS Offline Update, Community Edition 11.9.8 (b75).


  • The Security-only Safety Guard did not work with GitLab

    If security-only downloads are selected, then the full update rollups must be excluded from both download and installation. This requires a manual configuration, because incremental security-only updates and cumulative update rollups cannot be distinguished automatically.

    The function seconly_safety_guard tries to make sure, that several configuration files in the directories client/static and client/exclude have been updated after the last official patch day; otherwise the download will be postponed.

    Previously, the file modification date of these files would be compared to the current date. This worked well with Trac/svn. It does not work anymore with GitLab, because GitLab does not set the Last-Modified header for files, which are extracted from the version control system. Therefore, newly downloaded files will always have the file modification date set to the current date and time.

    The Security-only Safety Guard now searches literally for the expected month name in the configuration files.

Internal Changes

  • Windows 8.1 / Server 2012 R2 April 2014 and November 2014 rollup will be excluded from supersedance checks

  • The file ../client/exclude/ExcludeList.txt can be updated from GitLab

  • The script create-iso-image.bash can handle filter lists with DOS line endings

    The version control system git may unexpectedly change all line endings of plain text files from UNIX to DOS with a hidden file .gitattributes.

Removed Features

  • Support removed for Windows 10, version 1803

    This removes seven files from the directory ../client/static/. These files are not immediately deleted, though: In the Linux download scripts, the removal of obsolete files and the retrieval of new files are only run for release versions of WSUS Offline Update.


The download links for this version are:

Link for the online check at VirusTotal. Note, that the URL includes the SHA-256 hash of the archive:

The hashes for the archive linux-scripts-1.20-b2.tgz are:
Code: Select all
MD5      8ff4ed5d9bced75056da2cdaa9e12f6d
SHA-1    fdea924d3df045bbec61b2e18eb79d91285e1ced
SHA-256  fb595c6e4571ae629610d5285b71aa20ce46a921effc9de116f3940893481dea

Further Reading

The first three posts in the original topic A complete rewrite of the Linux scripts are still being updated, to point to the latest version:

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Re: NEWS for Linux download scripts, version 1.20-ESR beta-2

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