NEWS for Version 2.2 Community Edition (2020-08-09)

NEWS for Version 2.2 Community Edition (2020-08-09)

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NEWS for Version 2.2 Community Edition (2.2-CE)

Release date: 2020-08-09
Development branch: master
Supported versions: WSUS Offline Update, Community Edition 12.2

Changed Features

Revised wsusoffline self-update

The implementation of the wsusoffline self-update was revised to match that of the Community Editions esr-11.9.4 and 12.2.

The files SelfUpdateVersion-this.txt and SelfUpdateVersion-recent.txt contain a version number and the installation type, which can be beta or release.

The comparison of the installed version and the latest available release distinguishes three different cases:

  1. The version numbers and installation types are the same. There is no update available.

    This implies, that the files SelfUpdateVersion-this.txt and SelfUpdateVersion-recent.txt are the same. A quick version check may use diff to compare these files.

  2. A newer release is available. This usually means, that a new release with a higher version number is available. If the version numbers are the same, then a release can replace a beta (development) version.

  3. The installed version is newer than the latest available release. This may happen, if a beta (development) version is installed.

    In this case, you are responsible for updating your installation yourself. The self-update of WSUS Offline Update always installs the latest available release. The update of static download definitions (sdd) also refers to the latest available release. To skip all self-updates, you could change the option check_for_self_updates to "disabled" in the preferences file.

The filenames of the archive and the hashes file are extracted from the file StaticDownloadLink-recent.txt.

Since the self-update of the Linux download scripts was removed, several variable and function names could be simplified:

Code: Select all
         wou_installed_version      ->  installed_version
         wou_available_version      ->  available_version
         wou_available_archive      ->  archive_filename
         wou_available_hashes       ->  hashes_filename
         wou_timestamp_file         ->  wsusoffline_timestamp
         get_wou_installed_version  ->  get_installed_version
         get_wou_available_version  ->  get_available_version

Removal of obsolete files

The following scripts are no longer used:

Code: Select all

The following configuration files are removed from their previous locations. They are now downloaded to the directory ../static/sdd:

Code: Select all

Windows 10 updates

Windows 10 version-specific exclude lists are now applied to both static and dynamic updates.

In WSUS Offline Update 12.0, the versions 1903 and 1909 were linked: If version 1903 was selected, then version 1909 was automatically selected as well.

In the Community Edition 12.2, the versions 1903 and 1909 are not directly linked anymore; they can be enabled/disabled separately. If both 1903 and 1909 are disabled, then a combined exclude list ExcludeList-w100-1903_1909.txt will be applied.

Office updates

An additional exclude list ExcludeList-ofc-lng.txt is used for the calculation of dynamic office updates.

.NET Frameworks

Support for .NET Framework 3.5 (dotnetfx35) was removed.

Small changes to comments, labels and menus

These are meant to make the master version and the esr-19.1 branch better comparable.


Since the wsusoffline self-update has changed recently, you probably need to download and install this version of the Linux scripts or the next version of WSUS Offline Update manually.


The download links for this version are:

Link for the online check at VirusTotal. Note, that the URL includes the SHA-256 hash of the archive:

The hashes for the archive linux-scripts-2.2.tar.gz are:
Code: Select all
MD5:      d0e57fb5014bef1b732c5af7cc591198
SHA-256:  1c5ee4b52cc60ea94269f2dbabe05fe724d33d43a28960e9d2912c1e3db40a06

Further Reading

The first three posts in the original topic A complete rewrite of the Linux scripts are still being updated, to point to the latest version:

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