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platform codes

PostPosted: 07.09.2013, 20:25
by aker
These are the short codes for the different platforms / office versions / programs, which are used in this software (for the names of the text files containing the static download links / update ids):

Windows (general): win
Windows 2000: w2k
Windows XP: wxp
Windows Server 2003: w2k3

Windows Vista / Windows Server 2008: w60
Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008 R2: w61
Windows 8 / Windows Server 2012: w62
Windows 8.1 / Windows Server 2012 R2: w63
Windows 10: w100

Office converters and Office (general): ofc
Office 2000: o2k
Office XP: oxp
Office 2003: o2k3

Office 2007: o2k7
Office 2010: o2k10
Office 2013: o2k13
Office 2016: o2k16

.NET Framework: dotnet (dotnet35: .NET Framework 3.5; dotnet4: .NET Framework 4.x)
Windows Defender definitions: wddefs
C++ runtime: cpp
Internet Explorer: ie (Internet Explorer 9: ie9, ...)
Microsoft Security Essentials: msse or mse
Silverlight: mssl
Windows Essentials 2012: wle

The gray entries are not supported by WSUSOU anymore!