Office 2013

Office 2013

Postby WSUSUpdateAdmin » 08.05.2013, 14:04


As a customer detected and reported, Microsoft obviously decided not to list updates for Office 2013 in their patch catalog file
Thus, no update for Office 2013 is ever seen as missing during an offline scan using like this software does it.

As a result, I had to modify the GUI (see (r466)), so as it were not supporting Office 2013.

If users still want to bring in Office 2013 patches manually, they can create files ...\static\custom\StaticDownloadLinks-o2k13-glb.txt and ...\client\static\custom\StaticUpdateIds-o2k13.txt - first operation will bring in a check box to the UpdateGenerator script.
Of course, the above custom files have to be maintained monthly, which I can't accomplish.

Last but not least, here's the customer's suggestion for StaticDownloadLinks-o2k13-glb.txt (April 2013):
Code: Select all

For Office 2013 x64, he would also add
Code: Select all

Even if this is not my responsibility: Sorry for inconvenience.

Thanks a lot to Mr. Wenzel! :)

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Re: Office 2013

Postby boco » 08.05.2013, 19:30

I think it has to do with MS' desire to drive Enterprises to the subscription-based Office model.
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Re: Office 2013

Postby harry » 11.05.2013, 20:08

The link trac -> Timeline -> Changeset [466] is broken, please use Changes in trunk [465:466] instead!
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