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Re: Windows Home Server 2011 Updates

PostPosted: 26.04.2020, 01:32
by aker
aker wrote:I missed some exclusions for the convenience rollup, currently checking, which ones are missing.

Actually I didn't miss them, but the scripts missed to take care about the KB3125574 exclusion list.
The root issue is tracked down and fixed. I'll run a last round of tests, then point (6) can be marked as "DONE".
Also this should prevent some problems with point (4).

Finally fixed the convenience rollup. Now working on the UEFIHotfix.

Re: Windows Home Server 2011 Updates

PostPosted: 26.04.2020, 22:55
by aker
It‘s done. My current image passed my tests. Now I‘ll check, if I should add the updates you posted. But that doesn‘t change the core image anymore.

I added all 4 updates you mentioned as post-requirement for the 2014 Enterprise rollup.
If you want to include them I'd suggest you to install them after the wsusou process completed.
Afterwards I would try to install the most recent rollup again (KB4534310 and afterwards KB4539602); if it says, it cannot be applied, just skip the rollup.

Anything else, I should change/do before uploading the new ISO?

Uploaded files

Change history:
2020-03-08: initial version
2020-04-27: updated wsusou to 11.9.1, added new detection mechanisms for WHS2011 and the UEFIRollup, fixed compatibility with the convenience rollup, removed KB3068708 and KB3080149, added two versions of the static lists (one satisfying Windows Update, one with strict cleanups regarding superseded updates)

Re: Windows Home Server 2011 Updates

PostPosted: 29.04.2020, 17:51
by lioninstreet
Downloading it now. Give me a day or so to get back to you.

Re: Windows Home Server 2011 Updates

PostPosted: 01.05.2020, 15:03
by lioninstreet
Ran the new tool using reboot and recall on a freshly installed whs11 image last night. Came back this morning to find a system recovery options screen. I do a restart and the OS starts to load but goes back to system recovery. Something crashed during the update install on the server for sure.

Just for kicks I ran the memory diagnostic. There was nothing found during the test, but reporting typically shows up after a restart with a report (that doesn't happen because the OS wont load). I also tried to reload a system image but of course, because the install was only hours old, there is no image to restore with...

I can put the server drive on a client and get access to the contents no worries. Let me know if you need me to dig any error reporting off of it (and where to look) before I wipe and try the install again.

Re: Windows Home Server 2011 Updates

PostPosted: 01.05.2020, 23:48
by aker
I'd be interested in the following files:
- C:\Windows\wsusofflineupdate.log
- C:\Windows\WindowsUpdate.log
- C:\Windows\Logs\DISM\DISM.log
- C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\CBS.log

I cannot identify the cause of the issue for sure, it could have a lot of reasons (hardware incompatibilities with an update, system crash on update installation causing some kind of system file corruption and many more).
In a virtual machine, it worked fine, but that doesn't have to work on real devices.

If you have some time, could you (after postine the files listed above) just retry using the same image (to identify, if it's a temproray issue)?

Note: I'll have less free time starting from now, so I'll make a lot less progress compared to the last few weeks.

Re: Windows Home Server 2011 Updates

PostPosted: 02.05.2020, 03:47
by lioninstreet
Hardware is a spare HP MediaSmart ex490 (circa 2009) that I've been doing the WHS11 testing with, both this month as well as last month.

For this (v2020-04-27) and the first test of the 2020-03-08 tool, I was using the same SSD and using the same OS install disk. Using Hard Disk Sentinel 5.5 tonight, the SSD shows no errors. The hardware has also updated the same WHS11 OS recently using WU. I also have a HDD I could try it on if the error repeats. Drivers are whatever the OS has been installing all along. It's surely not impossible that this is hardware related, but the chance is most likely limited.

I'll send the logs b4 clearing the drive and trying again. By the way, the logs are pretty good size, especially the CBS log.

As you, I was also thinking it's likely this is a glitch (ghost in the machine). I'd take the shortcut to clear the SSD by deleting volumes as opposed to using something like killdisk to actually erase all data. But I don't think that's an issue. Also, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention I didn't check SHA integrity before I opened the iso. So that may also be a cause.

I'll post about that before figuring out how to get you the logs. Unless you want to, there's probably no reason to waste time evaluating logs if the ISO wasn't whole.

Absolutely no worries on your tight schedule. This is freeware after all. Thanks for even keeping the project in mind.

Re: Windows Home Server 2011 Updates

PostPosted: 06.05.2020, 00:41
by lioninstreet
OK, all .iso hashes match. That's out of the way.

Posting the log files here will take a fair amount of posting. What is the best way to get you the log files?

Re: Windows Home Server 2011 Updates

PostPosted: 06.05.2020, 02:36
by Dalai
lioninstreet wrote:What is the best way to get you the log files?

Pack them with .7Z or .RAR, upload them somewhere (preferably to a location where you can delete them later) and post a link to the file(s). Posting several thousand lines of text or uploading large logs is never a good idea.


Re: Windows Home Server 2011 Updates

PostPosted: 06.05.2020, 06:02
by boco
If you upload to a place where you cannot delete them later, password-protect the archive and PM @Dalai the password.

Re: Windows Home Server 2011 Updates

PostPosted: 06.05.2020, 06:28
by aker
Or all of us here; I should have some time to take a look at them this weekend.