Could not complete updates

Could not complete updates

Postby pmikep » 26.07.2019, 04:46

WSUS has worked fine for me on Win7, and now Win8.1 for years. But today a problem.

I used a fresh version of 11.7.4 on Win8.1 Pro. To be fair, it's an NTLite version of Win8.1, where I had used NTLite to preinstall most updates. (I did not install the latest Roll up, because I only wanted curated Security Updates from WSUS Offline.)

I ran WSUS Offline and it generated an iso. I ran the iso and for my system, it installed 49 relevant KB's.

I rebooted. Windows gave me the usual message to Don't shut down, updating. And upon reboot, Windows got to 99%. And then threw the error that the Updates couldn't compete.

It tried to Roll back. But apparently this is a well known loop.

After a day of trying different tricks, I decided to let NTLite integrate the KB's from WSUS Offiine's Directory.

And I think NTLite found the problem.

There were 3 KB's highlighted in Red.

Two of them were not Recommended by NTLite because they prevent .NET 3.5 from being installed later. So I removed those from the list. (IIRC, they had a prerequisite. But IIRC, I had those prerequisites.)

However, KB3013769 said that it needed KB3004545. And I did not have that.

So I downloaded it from Microsoft and put it in the WSUS directory, where I let NTLite analyze the list again.

This time no red items. So I let NTLite do the updating.

And it worked. (Apparently NTLite integrates KB's differently than WSUS Offline, because to my surprise, I was not told to boot, nor did Windows do any updating during reboot. Also NTLite apparently installs all the KB's it sees, whether they are already installed or not.)

So I wanted to bring this prerequisite to the community's attention.

As a side note, it would be a nice extra feature if we could force WSUS to make an ISO on demand, without it going on line to check for KB's. For example, in my case here, after I downloaded the prerequisite KB3004545, it would have been nice if I could force WSUS to make an new iso from the directory I just manually updated. Then I could use the iso to do the update as usual. (If I ran WSUS again, I don't know if it would have left my downloaded KB3004545 in the directory or if it would have deleted it.)
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