Dynamische Root-Zertifikate

Dynamische Root-Zertifikate

Postby aker » 05.05.2019, 17:56

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rbronca wrote:[...]

I have also manually added the Microsoft root certificate and disallowed certs using this guide:
http://woshub.com/updating-trusted-root ... indows-10/ "The List of Root Certificates in STL Format"

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Re: Dynamische Root-Zertifikate

Postby rbronca » 06.05.2019, 02:08

The root certificate issues is something Microsoft should have addressed, but hasn't.
For non internet connected devices there isn't a simple way to update these.
They should be a standard part of the patches that require them.

These missing certs are a patch blocker for recent .Net patches.

The latest stacking updates do update these on at least some operating systems, I believe.

wsusoffline is the best weapon for non internet connected device patching, so can the deployment of these certificates be a standard step?

I have temporarily addressed this by using the initialization hook, but had to manually download and extract the files.


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Re: Dynamische Root-Zertifikate

Postby Dalai » 06.05.2019, 02:33

I already made a suggestion a couple of weeks ago: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=9039

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Re: Dynamische Root-Zertifikate

Postby WSUSUpdateAdmin » 10.05.2019, 21:22

Sorry, missed this topic/thread and will work on it, hopefully next week.
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