KB951847 blacklisted ?

KB951847 blacklisted ?

Postby pierre bourgin » 04.03.2011, 10:14


the KB951847 is explicitly blacklisted by WSUSOffline since 6.6.4 I guess (in file lients/exclude/ExcludeList.txt).
I saw some discussion about it in the forums, but unfortunately they were in German and I don't understand it.

Could you explain a bit why it's blacklisted ?

These days, KB951847 is about 16.8MB and I guess that the following .NET patches depend on it:
KB963707 (0.7MB) KB982524 (16.8MB) KB982168 (20.1MB)
(client=Windows XP/SP3/32bit/French)
... so about 60MB that WindowsUpdate has to download on each client .... See what I mean ?

Thanks - Pierre Bourgin
pierre bourgin

Re: KB951847 blacklisted ?

Postby Gerby » 04.03.2011, 11:05

Hi Pierre!

As I have understood it*, the updates contained in KB951847 are actually installed. However, the blacklist entry only exists to avoid a warning during installation process that KB951847 would be missing. This warning rises from a kind of "bug" in Microsoft's catalogue.

The updates you've mentioned are related to the Firefox plugin and other additional features that are not covered by security updates. See also the post about Coverage of WSUS Offline Update.


* Please correct me anyone if I'm wrong. The whole .NET story by Microsoft is really confusing. :?
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Re: KB951847 blacklisted ?

Postby rednaxela » 04.03.2011, 11:28

Hi Pierre,

i try to explain and hope my english is good enough.

If you have .NET 2.0 or 3.0 installed the kb951847 installs (without question!) a full .NET 3.5 :shock:

Therefore, If you have .NET 2.0 or 3.0 and it´s enough for you (and you DON´T want .NET 3.5) it´s better to avoid kb951847 ;)

If you NEED .NET 3.5 you better install it with WSUSOU manually.

For this reasons kb951847 is excluded (is in the excludelist)

All Security-Updates for all versions you need for .NET are well included in WSUSOU :) independent of kb951847


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Re: KB951847 blacklisted ?

Postby Denniss » 04.03.2011, 11:48

In short: KB951847 is Net 3.5 SP1. As it's included in WOU as a full installer it's KB number is blacklisted.
All NET patches since Net 1.1SP1 are included in WOU as well (if you include NET in download generator).
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Re: KB951847 blacklisted ?

Postby pierre bourgin » 08.03.2011, 16:52

And thanks for replies; sounds rather complex ...

I've found an interesting link related to this problem : a kind of WindowsUpdate obscure hotfix's names and description (about "DOT.NET Family Update"):

"Mailbag: Why does Windows Update continue offering the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 after I install it?"
http://blogs.msdn.com/b/astebner/archiv ... 28253.aspx

I will probably package my own DOT.NET installation 3.5SP1 + KB951847 and others, just to avoid the downloads (and save the bandwidth)

Thanks for your help - Pierre
pierre bourgin

Re: KB951847 blacklisted ?

Postby Denniss » 08.03.2011, 17:32

As said above, Net 3.5SP1 and 4.0 together with all updates will be downloaded with Wsus Offline Updater. There's no need for an extra download/installation package.
You may only need to download the Net 3.5SP1 language pack of your choice as this is not included.
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Re: KB951847 blacklisted ?

Postby pierre bourgin » 10.03.2011, 13:25

@Deniss: I trust you about updates performed by WSUSOffline,
but once DOT.NET 3.5 SP1 is installed and WSUSOffline has runned on the client,
Windows Update still insists to install KB951847.

So in order to save bandwidth, I will have to script install of KB951847.

Or do I understand nothing at all ?

thanks - Pierre
pierre bourgin

Re: KB951847 blacklisted ?

Postby Denniss » 10.03.2011, 15:29

Search the web for KB951847 and you'll find a lot of complains about this KB behaviour and the redundant offering via Windowsupdate. Just ignore/disable the update in Windowsupdate and autoupdate.

BTW even if you just installed the smaller Net2.0SP2 M$ is really penetrant to get you this KB (net3.5) installed, it's the default installation on your next windowsudate run and will be presented/downloaded/installed with autoupdate (if you don't disable this update).
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