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Re: Windows Home Server Updates

PostPosted: 18.11.2019, 16:27
by lioninstreet
That sounds pretty intensive.

If you'd want to work with it, have a running fully updated copy of WHS11 that I could pull the URL's specific to WHS11 from for you. There were just a handful of them.

Re: Windows Home Server Updates

PostPosted: 18.11.2019, 19:10
by aker
Currently I‘m gettimg links for all w2k8r2 updates until 2019-07 (as that‘s the last slipstreamable one).
I‘ll post them here as soon as I got all.

For a wsusou custom-list, it would be better to wait until w2k8r2 gets EoL. Then I'll do a new round...

Re: Windows Home Server Updates

PostPosted: 26.11.2019, 00:56
by lioninstreet
aker wrote:If someone is able to provide access to a WHS version without any PowerPack, feel free to contact me via PM (due to high workload up to October/November of this year, it might take a long time for me to work on this).


In case you're still looking for this, I came across an unopened 2007 copy of WHSv1 showing x13-72486-01 / CCQ-00002. The PN makes it a MSFT Company Store version released 11/29/2007.

From what I can find, the first WHSv1 update was also pushed 9/25/07, that being KB941913. So short of possibly that one update, this copy should be virgin. And the best part is, it was only the cost few cups of Starbucks java.