IE11 for zh-cn

IE11 for zh-cn

Postby imlongxia » 27.05.2018, 06:15

I'm a user from china.
Wsusoffline helped me a lot on patching my systems.
But I found that IE11 was never installed after patch.
The log said IE11 zh-cn was not found.
And I checked the ISO file and found only IE11 en-us and de-de ware included.
So how can I add IE11 zh-cn in the patch? Thanks.
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Re: IE11 for zh-cn

Postby aker » 27.05.2018, 08:12

From the FAQ:
.\doc\faq-enu.txt wrote:Q: I miss IEx, .NET and MSSE installation files for my language. Why aren't they downloaded and what can I do to have them downloaded?
A: Since Service Packs and updates for Windows Vista / 7 / Server 2008(R2) are multilingual, there's no 24-language selection table for these platforms, so by default, only the English and German versions of those localized installation packages for IEx, .NET and MSSE will be downloaded.
To have your favorite locale(s) downloaded in addition, you may use the ...\cmd\AddCustomLanguageSupport.cmd script.

For you, it would be ".\cmd\AddCustomLanguageSupport.cmd chs".

To remove the German downloads run .\cmd\RemoveGermanLanguageSupport.cmd.
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