Missing update kb3101506

Missing update kb3101506

Postby swellhog » 01.04.2018, 23:34

This is not a concern just a query!

I have had this warning for some time, I was not concerned as the system does not have Microsoft Office Project 2013.

Warning: Update kb3101506 (id: 7ff19d18-bb37-4abd-812d-71b5342c93c2) not found.

If this is seen by wsus during downloading that "Project is not there" (in this case update generator would not download the update) then why would it be reported as missing when running wsus installer?

If wsus UpdateGenerator does not detect "Project" as not being there (in this case it would download the update), can you tell me why this is reported as missing?

Does wsus UpdateInstaller (detect) "Microsoft Office Project 2013" as being there?
Or is it assumed because office 2013 is installed?

This is a 64 bit WIN10 home system.

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Re: Missing update kb3101506

Postby Dalai » 02.04.2018, 01:22

Let's fill in the parts of the puzzle you seem to be missing. UpdateGenerator downloads the updates for the products you select, it doesn't detect anything at this stage, but I guess you mixed "during downloading" up with the check at the start of UpdateInstaller (or rather DoUpdate.cmd). Furthermore DoUpdate.cmd checks only for MS Office, not for any particular products or parts of MS Office. It wouldn't make any sense either because MS doesn't differentiate the updates for their Office programs (neither by version nor exactly by applications); some updates are for common components used by several Office applications.

And, most importantly: WSUS Offline doesn't search for updates, it tells the Windows Update Agent to do so and processes its results. So if WSUS Offline says some update wasn't found, then it's missing because the WUA said it's not installed, but the installation file wasn't there.

My WSUS Offline repository doesn't have updates for MS Project either. It looks like they're excluded via wsusoffline\exclude\ExcludeList-ofc.txt, most probably because almost nobody needs them and maybe they're large, too.

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