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[<=11.x] missing FRA packages

PostPosted: 03.01.2018, 23:38
by nolme

I saw that french standalone application are missing for many programs :
- .NET 4.x
- IE9

In the appropriate folder, I have only the xxxxxx-ENU.exe and xxxxxx-DEU.exe.
I was able to reproduce this bug on many version : 9.2.2, 10.9.2, 11.x


Re: [<=11.x] missing FRA packages

PostPosted: 04.01.2018, 00:54
by Dalai
From wsusoffline\doc\faq-enu.txt
Q: I miss IEx, .NET, MSSE and WLE installation files for my language. Why aren't they downloaded and what can I do to have them downloaded?

A: Since Service Packs and updates for Windows Vista / 7 / Server 2008(R2) are multilingual, there's no 24-language selection table for these platforms, so by default, only the English and German versions of those localized installation packages for IEx, .NET, MSSE and WLE will be downloaded.
To have your favorite locale(s) downloaded in addition, you may use the ...\cmd\AddCustomLanguageSupport.cmd script.

So, in your case, this would be
Code: Select all
wsusoffline\cmd\AddCustomLanguageSupport.cmd fra


Re: [<=11.x] missing FRA packages

PostPosted: 04.01.2018, 15:13
by nolme
Nice :) I didn't see this ability.

Many thanks

Re: [<=11.x] missing FRA packages

PostPosted: 04.01.2018, 22:01
by nolme
Just another question, does it clear the cache of german files or not ?
if not, does searching *DEU.exe is enough to do a clean up ?



Re: [<=11.x] missing FRA packages

PostPosted: 04.01.2018, 22:19
by boco
If you ran both lines posted by Dalai, the German files will be purged on the next download run.

The first line adds the French update URLs, and the second removes the German ones.

Re: [<=11.x] missing FRA packages

PostPosted: 04.01.2018, 23:03
by nolme
nearly right.
I still have NDP471xxxxx and NDP46xxxx.
I'll remove them by hand.

thanks for help :)

Re: [<=11.x] missing FRA packages

PostPosted: 05.01.2018, 04:01
by boco
They usually will be purged, too. However, the NDP sections will be skipped if already processed once that day, to prevent repetitive executions during runs. So, if the "once a day" rule fires, NDP sections will be untouched, and thus not be purged right away.

Deleting manually might give you verification errors, since WOU still wants to verify their hashes. But, if you delete the contents of .\client\md and do a new run, all hashes verification AND once-a-day rules will be reset. The hashes will reappear, though.