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Not installed NET September 2017 Security and Quality Rollup

PostPosted: 28.09.2017, 11:32
by IBU
Hi WSUS Offline developers,

I am using:
- Windows 7 SP1, 64bit, EN
- NET Framework 3.5.1 & 4.5.2
- WSUS Offline 11.0.1

The latest " NET September 2017 Security and Quality Rollup" is not being installed although the all KB patches are downloaded.

The WSUS installation provides the error message:
Warning: Update kb4041083 (id: ...) not found

Although all required KB patches had been previously download, are also listed in the catalog file

The MBSA also report that the "kb4041083 - NET September 2017 Security and Quality Rollup", is missing.
After installing the patches ( Kb4040980, KB4040977, KB4040973 ) manually from the WSUS Offline folder, the MBSA does not report the missing kb4041083 anymore.

Is it knows issue?
It there a workaround or a new WSUS Offline version planned?

Thank you a lot for your help!


Re: Not installed NET September 2017 Security and Quality Ro

PostPosted: 28.09.2017, 15:47
by WSUSUpdateAdmin

According to ... ty-rollup/, I added

  • kb4040980 to StaticUpdateIds-w61-dotnet35.txt (.NET Framework 3.5.1),
  • kb4040977 to StaticUpdateIds-w61-dotnet4-379893.txt (.NET Framework 4.5.2) and
  • kb4040973 to StaticUpdateIds-w61-dotnet4-393297.txt, StaticUpdateIds-w61-dotnet4-394271.txt, StaticUpdateIds-w61-dotnet4-394806.txt and StaticUpdateIds-w61-dotnet4-460805.txt (.NET Frameworks 4.6, 4.6.1, 4.6.2 and 4.7)



Re: Not installed NET September 2017 Security and Quality Ro

PostPosted: 29.09.2017, 08:22
by IBU
Hi Torsten,

thank you a lot for very prompt fix.
Although it looks like there is one more KB patch needed.
According to the Windows Update Catalog ... ?q=4041083

there are four KB patches needed:

And for some unknown reason the windows6.1-kb4019990 is neither installed nor specified as a static update.
Nevertheless, after installing the KB4019990 from the WSUS Offline folder manually - the MBSA scan is finally not reporting any missing updates.
Do you see it as a bug?
If so, could you please implement a fix?

Thank you many times.


Re: Not installed NET September 2017 Security and Quality Ro

PostPosted: 01.10.2017, 13:38
by jonas

kb4019990 is a prerequisite (D3DCompiler_47.dll) for installing .Net 4.7 on a machine running win7, released at 2nd May. Since then it is part of the Preview- and Quality-Rollups for .Net on Win7 and therefore included in KB4041083. If you do not want to install .Net 4.7 you do not need to install kb4019990. So WUO installs this update only if you check "Install .Net Framework 4.7" in UpdateInstaller.


Re: Not installed NET September 2017 Security and Quality Ro

PostPosted: 04.10.2017, 11:54
by IBU
Hi Jonas,

thank you a lot for a very precise description.
Technically speaking, you are right: if the KB4019990 is only a pre-requisite for the .NET 4.7 there is not need to install for on machines with the .NEt 4.5.2.
Nevertheless, the official coverage of the WUO says: "but the patch coverage does completely satisfy Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer".
So shall the KB4019990 be specified statically in order to satisfy the MBSA ?

I know it just a tiny detail, and the system is still fully patched from the security point of view.
Thank you again!