Not all Updates are downloaded..

Not all Updates are downloaded..

Postby RJWatson » 11.05.2016, 23:23

Hi, I am new to this product but not to WSUS. My first question - After successfully running the UpdateGenerator then the Updateinstaller - Update Installer tells me I do not need to install any Updates. I go to Windows Update and it tells me I need 21 Important updates. What am I missing? (I am on the latest version, selected Win 7, Win 8 - both x64 and Office 2010)

2. I noticed there is a WSUS tab on the UpdateGenerator - is there a trick to getting that work? I've put my local WSUS address there but the program still pulls from Microsoft.

Re: Not all Updates are downloaded..

Postby aker » 11.05.2016, 23:40

1. Without knowing the exact update name / id, I can just guess, but most likely it is related to viewtopic.php?f=7&t=172

2. wsusou will download the updates from your WSUS, but a few files still need to be pulled from MS as the WSUS server does not provide them (e.g. You can add
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to the "[Miscellaneous]"-section of UpdateGenerator.ini. Then wsusou will just download the most important files from MS (gadgets as WUA, sigcheck.exe,, and a few others not provided by WSUS); updates not provided by your WSUS won't be downloaded from MS anymore.
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