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Same updates are installed after each reboot

PostPosted: 11.05.2016, 12:55
by Huub
I am running UpdateInstaller on Win2k8R2 systems, which have not been updated for a long time. On most systems after upto 5 reboots al updates were installed.
On 1 system after each recall UpdateInstaller installs only the same first 50 updates (out of 130).

At first a was running UpdateInstaller over the network and in a remote desktop session. But after copying the UpdateInstaller-folder and logging on localy, still only the same first 50 updates are installed.
I do not see any erros in wsusofflineupdate.log and in EventViewer.
I did not check exactly every update, but the ones I have checked, are installed.

Has anybody an idea why UpdateInstaller keep insalling the same 50 updates over and over?

Re: Same updates are installed after each reboot

PostPosted: 13.05.2016, 12:29
by Huub
After setting SetUpdatesPerStage to 150, UpdateInstaller installed all 130 updates and did not say anything about pending updates.
But after the reboot I noticed IE11 was not installed! That is strange, because I have seen UpdateInstaller busy installing IE11.
And according wsusofflineupdate.log IE11 was installed succesfull on the second run of UpdateInstaller.

So I tried to install IE11 manually. It failed.
Then I looked at the prerequisites of IE11. None of the required and optional prerequisites,were installed.
(Required are KB2729094, KB2731771, 2533623, KB2670838, KB2786081, and KB2834140. Optional KB2639308, KB2888049 and KB2882822.)
But according to wsusofflineupdate.log these prerequisites were installed succesfull at the first time I ran UpdateInstaller.

UpdateInstaller did not try to install the prerequisites and IE11 again in a later run.

In the logging of the third run I found 4 warnings about failed updates: KB2574819, KB2830477, KB2857650 and KB2923545.
After the manual installation of IE11, I ran UpdateInstaller again. This time these 4 updates were installed succesfull.

Thinking all updates are installed now, I started UpdateInstaller agian. It did finish in less than 1 minute, but it did not report "Nothing to do".
UpdateInstaller is asking for a reboot after each run now, alltough nothing is installed.

Why was UpdateInstaller reporting the IE11 prerequisites and IE11 were installed succesfull, while they were not?
Why is UpdateInstaller still asking for a reboot after each run, whil it has nothing done?

Re: Same updates are installed after each reboot

PostPosted: 18.05.2016, 07:49
by Huub
I found out disk C was at near capacity. After making free space I ran UpdateInstaller again.
UpdateInstaller installed 4 updates and asked for a reboot and no recall.
At the next runs UpdateInstaller installed KB2992611 each time.

Thinking maybe something went wrong while UpdateInstaller did want to install this update with a full C drive, a uninstalled this update. and rebooted the system.
During next runs UpdateInstaller agian installed KB2992611 over and over again.

Next I downloaded this update from the Microsoft site to install it manually. On the downloadpage there was an option to download KB3018238 also.
I checked if this update was installed on my Win2k8R2 system: it was not!
So I installed KB3018238 and KB2992611 manually and rebooted the system.
After this UpdateInstaller did not install any update any more. It did not finish telling it had nothing to do and keep saying "Installation succesfull. Please reboot your system now."

What I did not mention before: I have added a SQL Server update to the software\custom folder.
Because I do not have SQL Server installed on each Win2k8R2 system to update, I have added a check to InstallCustomSoftware.cmd.
Only if a registry key is found, the SQL Server Update will be installed.
I renamed InstallCustomSoftware.cmd and ran UpdateInstaller again. Now it finished telling it hab nothing to do!

Allthough my problems are solved, I still have some questions:
Why was UpdateInstaller reporting the IE11 prerequisites and IE11 were installed succesfull, while they were not?
Why did it not report my C drive was full?
Why does it not install update KB3018238?