Windows Update WSUS, 9 KB missing

Windows Update WSUS, 9 KB missing

Postby absynteZero » 24.04.2016, 13:47


i use latest version from official site. It work very fine. i use update.cmd.

i'm from W7x64 SP1 name: fr_windows_7_home_premium_with_sp1_x64_dvd_u_676521.iso (official premium version).

When i scan with your update générator, i see a différence between Official windows update and your freeware version downloads.for your soft, i compare in the download files and not after instalation.

There are 9 major KB missing (compare without facultative and net framwork KB).


I hope you can fix this!
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9 major KB missing

Postby absynteZero » 24.04.2016, 14:46

i send you the screenshots of the windows update list from my version, this is only "important KB".





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Re: MAJ Major, 9 KB missing

Postby aker » 24.04.2016, 16:43

Most likely caused by:
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Re: MAJ Major, 9 KB missing

Postby absynteZero » 24.04.2016, 18:12

Thanks for answer,

Ok, i understand.

i've an other question, can i download all possible KB with WSUS on a W7 never updatedWindows and use them with external Harddrive usb, for an other computer who have allready some update?
Does the scan detect and install only KB needed from all possible in WSUS files.

what happened when this situation?
bug? or is it possible? it will be very interesting, and to make possible to update only importants KB and not all...

We all know that there are many "not wanted" KB, like those for W10 or tracking.Does your program still filter this or offer this possibility.

Sorry for my poor language, i'm French and my English practice was so far....


Re: Windows Update WSUS, 9 KB missing

Postby boco » 25.04.2016, 00:19

1. The updates downloaded are independent from the system where you download them. It's possible to download Windows 10 updates on a Windows 7 PC, for example.

2. WSUSOU will download all updates that are required for updating any system. In the Win7 case, that's all security-critical updates since the latest Service Pack. Optionally, required Service Packs are included, also. The downloaded updates are not supposed to be deleted, but stay there so you can regularly refresh the repository (which will download new updates and remove no longer needed, superseded ones). You need to create new media after every refresh.

3. The so called 'Telemetry" and Windows 10-related updates are, so far, not security-critical and are thus not included. One notable exception is the (usually) monthly WU Client. However, WSUSOU is fully configurable and you can exclude any update you want.
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Re: Windows Update WSUS, 9 KB missing

Postby absynteZero » 26.04.2016, 22:31

Hello boco and thanks for your answer.

So, WSUS is a nice freeware !For myself, i have some backup so, the only problem i can have is to broke the HDD.


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