WSUS is always missing lots of updates

WSUS is always missing lots of updates

Postby mreco99 » 19.04.2016, 11:30


Sorry to be a total clutz, but I use WSUS offline for a while. But even though I only updated the offline files recently, there are always lots more updates needed according to windows, after ive completed the WSUS client .
This happens on different computers for me

I tick as much as I need, ie windows 32 and 64 bit, windows 7, patches yes, include all options, etc

I run this from a flash drive and its using about 14Gb.
I haven't ticked "USB Medium" because im running it from a USB stick anyway.

So if you know why there are so many updates found by windows, after a new WSUS was run, I would love to know.

Also doesn anyone know how much time WSUS saves when installing a new windows 7 PC, because at the moment it doesn't feel like its saving much time.


Re: WSUS is always missing lots of updates

Postby WSUSUpdateAdmin » 19.04.2016, 13:18


Please note viewtopic.php?f=7&t=172.

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Re: WSUS is always missing lots of updates

Postby Cababs » 19.04.2016, 16:51

see also viewtopic.php?f=2&t=4182 with everything it should be about 50GB
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Re: WSUS is always missing lots of updates

Postby sledgebeast » 04.05.2016, 02:05

I too am recently having similar problems with wsus. When I first discovered this program a couple months ago it was a godsend!

Now lately, however after running thru the whole process on several W7 machines I am repeatedly experiencing the same behavior.

It seems to build the client folder the way it should. After completing that phase. Then I run the updater as administrator and it appears to

go thru the whole process of applying all those updates like it normally does with no apparent error...

But afterwards I am now finding that all the updates are still needed by Windows Update...

Even after rechecking for them, the machine still insists it needs all 176 or more updates. And so I still end up now having to let windows

update run thru its normal process of downloading and installing all of the updates as if I had done nothing.

So I re-wiped this last machine and went straight to Windows Update without attempting WSUS. And yes it found 176 updates! Exactly!

disappointing, this is!

Re: WSUS is always missing lots of updates

Postby Gerby » 04.05.2016, 09:03

Hello sledgebeast,

What does the installation log on each system say (C:\Windows\wsusofflineupdate.log)? Did you reboot before running Windows Update? If the computer already was online before using WOU (not recommended) and updates were listed in Windows Update, it may take a while until installed updates (by WOU) are recognized by Windows Update.

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Re: WSUS is always missing lots of updates

Postby sledgebeast » 05.05.2016, 00:54

Sorry I have already returned that machine back to its owner.

I will have to get the log for the next machine I perform a factory restore on if it behaves as the last few did.

BTW, I do this for a living and have since ~1992 when I started my business "The Computer Guys" here in BG, KY

However, I can answer some of the Questions tho.

No the computer was not already online. It and all other CPU's I do were just factory restored w/ no save.

ie. back to the "out of the box" state...

Next,,, All Bloatware and Trial AV's are then uninstalled & a reboot performed.

WSUS's zip file was then placed on desktop and then extracted.

Windows Update set to Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them &

I also uncheck Give me Recommended updates the same way I receive important updates.

Especially now due to Windows 10 & Crap Telemetry Updates Being slipped in as Recommended and Optional's

Power Mgmt set to Never Sleep! <<During the WSUS & all other updating processes>>

Ethernet Cable then and only then connected! I will note WU doesn't really get time to perform a check.

At this point I begin using your WSUS as described in the previous post...

As soon as WSUS builds it client folder for me I unplug from the Inet and check WU to see is still inactive.

Next I let WSUS perform it Update process including its reboot(s). "I always let WSUS Run as Administrator"

And yes I rebooted the computer 1 or more times afterwards trying to see if WU would then

change to show just a few updates as it has in the past, when we were happy with its behavior.

It does not. I then try clicking "Check for Updates" and after a lengthy time it comes back with still needing

essentially all updates... Again as if I had never used WSUS in the first place. Weird Huh?

And to restate. WSUS appears to complete with no apparent errors. Running thru 1 of 200+, counting them off as expected.

Side note: WU finds ~176 or more,,,,,, while, WSUS seems to always process numbers into the 200's wether it actually uses 200+ Why the difference, idk?

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