Windows 8.1 Missing updates

Windows 8.1 Missing updates

Postby sakkthi » 22.04.2015, 13:04


I have downloaded and updated windows 8.1 and office 2013 using WSUS 9.6.

Still there are missing updates both for windows 8 and office. (Verified against source computer)

I have tried updating WSUS multiple times no,new files are downloaded.

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Re: Windows 8.1 Missing updates

Postby psj » 22.04.2015, 14:10

For the missing Windows Updates please see: Coverage of WSUS Offline Update

For the same reason Office 2013 has only very basic support in WSUS Offline Update (see: Office 2013)

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Re: Windows 8.1 Missing updates

Postby Cababs » 22.04.2015, 16:30

also see viewtopic.php?f=2&t=4182&start=29

This add updates that are not included by default. this includes windows 8.1 and office 2013.

Hope this helps.
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