Dutch updates are not being installed (Win7)

Dutch updates are not being installed (Win7)

Postby Antal » 04.03.2015, 20:16


I tried WSUS Update 9.5.2 (and older) on various Dutch versions of Windows 7, but everytime I have the same problem: no Dutch updates are installed!
Language-dependent packages such as Internet Explorer are not updated at all. I made sure I checked x86 and x64 global.

When I check the file list I see that only German (DEU) are downloaded instead of Dutch (NLD)?


Re: Dutch updates are not being installed (Win7)

Postby harry » 04.03.2015, 20:30

Welcome Antal!

Please see .\doc\faq-enu.txt:
Q: I miss IEx, .NET and MSSE installation files for my language. Why aren't they downloaded and what can I do to have them downloaded?
A: Since Service Packs and updates for Windows Vista / 7 / Server 2008(R2) are multilingual, there's no 24-language selection table for these platforms, so by default, only the English and German versions of those localized installation packages for IEx, .NET and MSSE will be downloaded.
To have your favorite locale(s) downloaded in addition, you may use the ...\cmd\AddCustomLanguageSupport.cmd script.

Run the following command (from your WSUSOU directory) once and start again UpdateGenerator.exe:
Code: Select all
.\cmd\AddCustomLanguageSupport nld

p.s.: Delete the files .\client\md\hashes-dot*.txt and .\client\md\hashes-msse.txt before running UpdateGenarator.exe again, if it was started already today (because of "same day rule")!

pps.: See also the scripts .\cmd\RemoveEnglishLanguageSupport.cmd and .\cmd\RemoveGermanLanguageSupport.cmd.
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Re: Dutch updates are not being installed (Win7)

Postby Antal » 04.03.2015, 20:42

Thanks! I'll start a new run with these settings..

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