Win7 updates

Win7 updates

Postby Pamela » 02.07.2014, 18:30

I have Win XP on all my pc's and have often used WSUS.
But now I have downgraded to Win7 (full, pro, sp1)on one pc.
After installation I ran a fresh WSUSOU without errors. Then after connection to the Internet,
Windows update installed 52 updates !
Is this this yet another Win 7 disadvantage to XP, or am I doing something wrong?
Thank you in advance.
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Reason: WSUS -> WSUSOU
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Re: Win7 updates

Postby aker » 02.07.2014, 20:55

Please see
:arrow: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=172

wsusou won't install optional updates; just security relevant updates. So WU will install all the optional updates, which were not installed by wsusou.
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Re: Win7 updates

Postby Cababs » 03.07.2014, 11:22


Here are the list of optional updates for Win NT 6.x not included by WOU by default. once you add these to your custom folders then you can download them
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