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.net 5.0.2

PostPosted: 17.01.2021, 17:29
by negg
.net 5 is now at 5.0.2 but only 5.0.1 is downloaded

Re: .net 5.0.2

PostPosted: 17.01.2021, 21:54
by aker
That's caused by my computer being incompatible with the 2021-01 Windows Updates. I spent the whole weekend reinstalling the system and recovering changes on various projects.
I didn't have the time to finish the 2021-01 updates yet. Will do so some evening this week.

Re: .net 5.0.2

PostPosted: 17.01.2021, 22:19
by negg
Sorry to hear that that can be a massive bummer :(

If you haven't heard of it I use to install windows and other utils. With a little tweaking here and there it can install drivers, apps, including wsus and lots of other useful things and you only have to press a few buttons the utill does the rest