Allow choice of W10 versions to skip Gbytes of monthly updat

Allow choice of W10 versions to skip Gbytes of monthly updat

Postby CockRobbin » 20.10.2019, 22:58

Hello team,

First of all, thanks very much for your work.

As an improvement suggestion:

Every month for Windows 10,
we have to download several heavy monthly KB's (each of them often > 1 Gbyte),
representing the same monthly security updates,
but specific to each given Windows 10 version,
like, for example, this October 2019:
KB4520011 for W10 ver 1507 (OS Build 10240.18368) = 1.05 Gbyte
KB4519998 for W10 ver 1607 (OS Build 14393.3274) = 1.45 Gbyte
KB4520010 for W10 ver 1703 (OS Build 15063.2108) = 1.36 Gbyte
KB4520004 for W10 ver 1709 (OS Build 16299.1451) = 1.06 Gbyte
KB4524149 for W10 ver 1803 (OS Build 17134.1040) = 322 Mbytes
KB4520008 for W10 ver 1803 (OS Build 17134.1069) = 960 Mbytes
KB4519338 for W10 ver 1809 (OS Build 17763.806) = 281 Mbytes
KB4517389 for W10 ver 1903 (OS Build 18362.418) = 322 Mbytes

Therefore, when we wish to update only a specific Windows 10 build
(especially the latest one),
we remain obliged to download each month, around 5 Gbytes for nothing,
which can be slow (1h15mn) on an ADSL connection,
and also represent a wasted disk space.

As a result, would it possible, at least for these huge monthly updates,
to allow a checkbox selection of Windows 10 versions
(as it is already the case for Windows 2012, 8.1, 10, etc),
in the Windows tab of the Update Generator?

Thanks very much for your help!

Best regards,
Cock Robbin.
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Re: Allow choice of W10 versions to skip Gbytes of monthly u

Postby marsculous » 17.01.2020, 15:58

+1 Implementation of this enhancement would be absolutely amazing! Latest January 2020 patch download is ~20GB. This problem will only continue to get worse as Microsoft releases new branches of Win10 and more patches for each going forward.

Also, hats off to the developer(s) of this great tool. I've been a long time user and I can't tell you how much time it's saved me. You all do incredible work here! Thank you!!
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Re: Allow choice of W10 versions to skip Gbytes of monthly u

Postby Raegar » 22.01.2020, 19:55

I think this is a good idea, especially considering that the build will only grow...

In the meantime, if size is of concert to you, I suggested identifying the large files that you KNOW you will not need and add them to a custom exclude list under:
root_folder\exclude\custom\ExcludeList-w100-x64.txt file
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Re: Allow choice of W10 versions to skip Gbytes of monthly u

Postby CockRobbin » 23.01.2020, 18:41

Thanks Raegar for your suggestion.

However, with the file exclude\custom\ExcludeList-w100-x64.txt
the end users would have to retrieve every month, manually, from the Microsoft Website,
all the KB's related to all the Windows 10 versions they would want to exclude,
which seems really painful.

To avoid this, technically speaking,
the WSUSOffline AutoIt program could propose checkboxes
for OS Builds 10240, 14393, 15063, 16299, 17134, 17763, 18362 and 18363.
Then, to select the corresponding KB updates,
inside the file which is already downloaded from Microsoft and analysed by the WSUSOffline tool,
the file contains the package.xml file,
for which each KB is related to a FileId and to an UpdateId
which is linked to a RevisionId, which is linked itself to the OS Build,
hence allowing WSUSOffline to automatically exclude the files related to unselected Windows 10 builds.

For instance, for KB4520011 for W10 ver 1507 (OS Build 10240.18368) = 1.05 Gbyte,
which is mentioned above,
the FileId in package.xml is dVARx+kmp3ZvC6sW/H0GD+PVYeg=
<FileLocation Id="dVARx+kmp3ZvC6sW/H0GD+PVYeg=" Url="" />

Then the corresponding UpdateId is "65e29219-68c2-402b-bf68-89dad6e8f7da" and the RevisionId is 30032573 as shown below:

<Update CreationDate="2019-10-08T00:33:30Z" DefaultLanguage="en" UpdateId="65e29219-68c2-402b-bf68-89dad6e8f7da" RevisionNumber="200" RevisionId="30032573" IsLeaf="true" DeploymentAction="Bundle">
<File Id="dVARx+kmp3ZvC6sW/H0GD+PVYeg=" />
<UpdateId Id="59653007-e2e9-4f71-8525-2ff588527978" />
<UpdateId Id="2b347f37-0812-4841-9d5c-e122d9951c89" />
<UpdateId Id="8186880e-a862-45c1-b57c-08389fec1932" />
<UpdateId Id="d2085b71-5f1f-43a9-880d-ed159016d5c6" />
<Revision Id="30032574" />

Then the index.xml file (also located in
says that this RevisionId 30032573 is located in the file.

Then in, the files c\30032573 or s\30032573
(which differ only by a digital signature which is present at the end of each file for the "s" folder)
will give the related Windows 10 OS Build of the patch,
in our case 10240 (i.e. Windows 10 version 1507), as shown below:

<assemblyIdentity name="Package_for_RollupFix" version="10240.18368.1.10" language="neutral" processorArchitecture="amd64" publicKeyToken="31bf3856ad364e35" />

Thanks again to the developers for their help,
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Re: Allow choice of W10 versions to skip Gbytes of monthly u

Postby Cababs » 28.01.2020, 07:37

Cockrobin, this is fantastic. However when I try to read the package files in anything other than notepad then the do not load. Internet browsers have support for XML and filtering so I tried to go down that road

In the meantime I have got the list of current windows 10 updates from 1511 to 1909, along with the superceded updates. Although part finished I was able to save 5GB ON a download run the other day. I'll post the list when I am fjnished
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Re: Allow choice of W10 versions to skip Gbytes of monthly u

Postby aker » 03.02.2020, 13:22

Different idea:
Download to "%TEMP%" and parse "update.mum", which is an XML-file.

Disadvantage: will take donload capacity, but no storage.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<assembly xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v3" manifestVersion="1.0" description="Fix for KB4532695" displayName="default" company="Microsoft Corporation" copyright="Microsoft Corporation" supportInformation="" creationTimeStamp="2020-01-22T18:27:58Z" lastUpdateTimeStamp="2020-01-22T18:27:58Z">
<assemblyIdentity name="Package_for_RollupFix" version="18362.628.1.6" processorArchitecture="amd64" language="neutral" publicKeyToken="31bf3856ad364e35" />
<package identifier="KB4532695" releaseType="Update" restart="possible">
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Re: Allow choice of W10 versions to skip Gbytes of monthly u

Postby WSUSUpdateAdmin » 11.03.2020, 21:08

Look at v. 12.0... :)
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