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Downloading Language Packs?

PostPosted: 12.09.2019, 18:30
by erreterr
Hi can you add windows 10 lang pack downloads as we all know there is no direct link to offline language packs in windows 10.


Re: Downloading Language Packs?

PostPosted: 13.09.2019, 23:27
by aker
If you have the download links, you can add them to wsusou as custom update (see .\doc\faq-enu.txt for instructions).
As far as I know MS does not provide any official link.

Even if you capture a valid link from MS' FileStreamingService, it will expire after a period of time.
Also I don't know, if it can be installed using DISM or if different instructions have to be followed.

To make it short: There is no official support, but if you can get it working, feel free to post the intructions to do so here. Then I can make the topic sticky as a mod for wsusou.

Re: Downloading Language Packs?

PostPosted: 14.09.2019, 08:28
by boco
MS temp links are 24 hours valid, only.