FinalizationHookFinal.cmd interrupted due to shutdown.exe /r

FinalizationHookFinal.cmd interrupted due to shutdown.exe /r

Postby CockRobbin » 02.01.2019, 14:58

Hello team, hello Torsten,

The changeset 998 has introduced a very useful feature: FinalizationHookFinal.cmd
in order to run some last commands (or even additional external scripts)
at the very end of the update process
(whatever the number of reboots being generated by the usage of SetUpdatesPerStage.cmd,
which is required to avoid memory overflows when 100+ updates are installed).

However, the execution of FinalizationHookFinal.cmd
is interrupted after max 2 seconds due to the command :
%SystemRoot%\System32\shutdown.exe /r /f /t 3
which is previously executed in the :RebootOrShutdown part of the script DoUpdate.cmd.

The same behaviour also occurs when using FinalizationHook.cmd,
this script is interrupted as well.

As a result, I suggest the shutdown/restart command to be scheduled only
after FinalizationHook.cmd and FinalizationHookFinal.cmd are completely executed.

Thanks very much for your help and for your great tool !
Best regards,
Cock Robbin
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Re: FinalizationHookFinal.cmd interrupted due to shutdown.ex

Postby WSUSUpdateAdmin » 04.01.2019, 16:29


Thanks a lot :), fixed in (r1004).

Torsten Wittrock
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