Random thoughts

Random thoughts

Postby rbronca » 15.08.2018, 05:47

Thank you for a wonderful product. Here are a few thoughts that may be useful for the future.

1. When generating iso's, add a culm or seconly to the filename, so you don't overwrite the other one when you are creating both.
2. In UpdateInstaller, some indication as to what operating system version and whether it is culm or seconly would be useful.
3. The stacking updates need to be their own prereq. I have seen a number of times a patch fails to install due to this, the stacking update installs later in the process, then the missing patch installs fine if you restart the patching afterwards. This should occur within the first reboot.
4. With the "high" quality of patches we are now seeing, with patch Tuesday / wsusscn2.cab patches being superseded but not updated within wsusscn2.cab, you really need to start looking at the Microsoft Update Catalog / elsewhere? for patch replaced / replaced by details and follow suit. I don't know if there is an api into this that would make this less than a nightmare.
5. Failing 4, some method within the gui to add updated patches and tell what they replace so the wrong outdated ones are not downloaded and added to the iso's. This is especially bad with the W2K16 1607 patches which are 1.3GB each.
6. Improve the Dot Net patching timeliness. It is frustrating for the headline kb to not automatically populate the actual patches you try and download, thank you Microsoft. If there was an api into the Microsoft catalog, maybe that could be useful here? Plan B maybe add a gui interface to add the appropriate 3.5, 4.52 and 4.6x patches, rather than hand editing custom static files etc.
7. There are a number of file not found errors for patches within the log, which I assume are inconsistencies within wsusscn2.cab. Is there any way to tidy these up?

I'm amazed you haven't given up in disgust with the mess that Microsoft patching has become.
Keep up the great work.
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Re: Random thoughts

Postby rbronca » 16.08.2018, 01:26

An extra thought.
If you manually create a custom static, then create the media.
Later remove the custom static.
With "Clean up target directory" enabled, the old custom static isn't removed.
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