Please expand the ability to search these archives

Please expand the ability to search these archives

Postby jharris1993 » 30.11.2016, 00:21


I have come to these fora on a number of occasions looking for answers to issues that I am having. Invariably my searches are rejected as being "too common".

For example, I tried to search for solutions to the fact that the WSUS Offline Updater ALWAYS wants to install IE-11. So, I search for "install ie-11" and it's rejected.

This is irritating to the extreme, and it does not help the prospective user find the information he needs without posting the same question for the 10,000th time. As a point of respect to the others who help make these fora a useful source of information, I like to "RTFM" (i.e. Search to see if my question has already been asked and answered before.) Unfortunately, the search settings forbid this unless I ask some insanely obtuse question.

Would you please, please, PRETTY PLEASE allow a broader range of search-terms in your search dialog?


Jim (JR)
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