Listing ids of missing updates

Listing ids of missing updates

Postby benf » 17.11.2019, 16:16

Hi all, new to this app, I had a few servers with issues, this worked great and seems easy to use. However on one of the three servers it just sits at listing ids of missing updates (this will take awhile) but its been like 8 hours.

This is a win 2012 server with 32GB ram and 8cpu's. The Winupdate service was set to manual and stopped, it started and is using like 25-30% cpu so definitely something is happening. On the other 2 servers this took about 5-6 minutes.

Anywhere else I can look? or maybe change some option?

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Re: Listing ids of missing updates

Postby aker » 17.11.2019, 18:08

Do you have a list of updates installed on that server?

It sounds like the old problem with long chains of superseded updates...

A shot in the dark:
Reboot before doing something else (clear everything in WU‘s queue)
Install the servicing stack updates for „w2k12“
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Install the most recent cumulative rollup (if you plan to install them)
Reboot and retry afterwards.

If the server takes long to install the MSUs, too, I‘ll give you a way to bypass this.
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