Can I re-use an already downloaded WSUS dir for anoth.Win7?

Can I re-use an already downloaded WSUS dir for anoth.Win7?

Postby pstein » 06.11.2019, 16:44

Assume I installed WSUS on a Win7 (pro) computer and let it download all necessary updates.

Can I later copy the whole WSUS directory tree (including the downloaded updates) to another Win 7 computer
and start


over there?

Or do I have to re-start UpdateGenerator.exe at first on the second computer?

In other words:

Is the download archive dir tree of WSUS somehow computer/hardware specific or independent?
I can imagine that WSUS only downloads necessary updates (=omit e.g. SSD generic drivers if there is no SSD on the first computer).

Is the download archive dir tree of WSUS language independent?
Read: Can I install the available, already downloaded updates from an english Win7 on a second (german) Win7 as well?

Thank you
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Re: Can I re-use an already downloaded WSUS dir for anoth.Wi

Postby Dalai » 06.11.2019, 17:45

WSUS Offline is designed to update Windows, Office, IE, .NET, C++ etc. to a defined state, regardless of the initial patch state. In other words, it doesn't matter where you download updates - can be a completely different Windows version, or even a Linux system. The updates are always the same for each patch target (e.g. Win7, 8.1, Office 2016). Hardware doesn't matter either.

Copying the wsusoffline\client directory is exactly what WSUS Offline does by itself when you tell it to create ISO files or let it copy the updates to a USB flash drive. You can also copy the updates to an (external) drive yourself, or even use a network share (but keep in mind that the latter has some prerequisites if UAC is enabled).

Regarding the language: Updates are generally language-independent. There are some exceptions, namely .NET Framework (the framework itself is language-independent, but there are language packs that allow it to see error messages in the user's language instead of English). To remove German language support, run wsusoffline\cmd\RemoveGermanLanguageSupport.cmd. To add other languages, run wsusoffline\cmd\AddCustomLanguageSupport.cmd with the language code as parameter, e.g. esn for Spanish, fra for French and so on. Note that when adding or removing language support, the updates themselves are only removed when doing another download run.

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