SetTargetEnvVars.cmd no longer contains WUA version

SetTargetEnvVars.cmd no longer contains WUA version

Postby yeneb » 05.10.2019, 09:24


We've long had the practice of checking our \wsusoffline\client\cmd\SetTargetEnvVars.cmd file to make sure the values of set WUA_VER_TARGET_MAJOR, set WUA_VER_TARGET_MINOR, set WUA_VER_TARGET_BUILD, and set WUA_VER_TARGET_REVIS=226 don't go past the version we want them to be at. We started doing this because of issues in the past where a box was instructed to talk to a newer version of our online WSUS server than what we had installed.

In the newest build of the wsusoffline tool, those options are no longer available in SetTargetEnvVars.cmd. Is this still an option? If so, does anyone have any advice/instructions on how to do so?

Thanks for all of the hard work.
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Re: SetTargetEnvVars.cmd no longer contains WUA version

Postby aker » 05.10.2019, 23:34

The Windows Update Agent isn‘t distributed as a seperate package anymore. It‘s included in some MSU/CAB-updates now.
For Windows 7 the last one is kb3172605 (July 2016 rollup). Also the updates released in April 2017 contained a newer update agent (and all cumulative rollups afterwards).
A seperate check of WUA‘s version isn‘t required anymore.

If you need to check WUA‘s version, check the file version of C:\Windows\System32\wuaueng.dll. For that, you can use wsusou‘s .\client\cmd\DetermineFileVersion.vbs.
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cscript DetermineFileVersion.vbs "%SystemRoot%\System32\wuaueng.dll" WUA
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