Include only certain updates?

Include only certain updates?

Postby richardstephens » 12.08.2019, 04:57

I have a client that has 6 servers and some XP workstations running software from a vendor that only approves certain updates. These machines are also on a completely isolated network with no internet access. I have a list (KBxxxxx) of the updates that they have approved, and I would like to use WSUS Offline to only install those updates.
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Re: Include only certain updates?

Postby hbuhrmester » 12.08.2019, 14:10

Usually, WSUS Offline Update uses the WSUS offline scan file, to extract its lists of updates. These update lists are called "dynamic" updates. You could tell both UpdateGenerator.exe and UpdateInstaller.exe to skip dynamic updates and only use statically defined updates.


Edit the file UpdateGenerator.ini, which is created on the first run, and add the line:

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to the [Miscellaneous] section.

Check the files in the static directory for updates, that you do not want. Add the kb numbers to the file exclude/custom/ExcludeListForce-all.txt (which must be created first).

Create additional files static/custom/StaticDownloadLinks-wxp-x86-glb.txt and similar and add the complete download links.

You can get the download links from the Microsoft Update web site, but you could also try the script ExtractDownloadLinks-all.cmd to get all download links from the file This script is only in the development version "trunk" of WSUS Offline Update: ... ks-all.cmd

Note: If all needed updates can be found in the file, then you could possibly let the UpdateGenerator.exe have its way and download all updates. Then the filtering will be done at the installation part.


Edit the file UpdateInstaller.ini and change the line:

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Create a file client/custom/StaticUpdateIds-wxp-x86.txt with the kb numbers you want to install.

The procedure to add own static download links is also described in the file doc/faq-enu.txt.

Caveats: I never tried any of these.

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Re: Include only certain updates?

Postby aker » 12.08.2019, 16:00


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