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Re: Problem after Windows 10 update

PostPosted: 12.03.2019, 11:37
by boco
@aker: I guess the problem is the OOBE step of the OS install (for new user accounts). Usually this step asks for the user password ("Make it secure"), and, if skipped, might overwrite/delete the pre-configured one.

AFAIK there is a registry value for skipping OOBE. WOU would need to set that, as OOBE is also making the process not automatic anymore.

Re: Problem after Windows 10 update

PostPosted: 05.04.2019, 08:39
by ObtrudeBacker
hm, +1 here. WOUTempAdmin lockout appeared out of nowhere. I've already seen it before, like on XP, but not for a many years (at that time Windows 10 wasn't even in early access, maybe even Windows 8 hasn't been out)

I'm using WSUSOffline regularly for new PCs (about 1-2 times per month). The process was following:

* set up Windows 1809 Pro without key (to activate later) with defaults
* on OOBE I add single passwordless local (non-MS) user
* slight setup (hostname, keyboard layout switching key, turn on DEP, disable kernel dump, move pagefile, etc; UAC stays ON, same everytime for over >4 years)
* then I ran WSUS Offline.

Usually it installs some updates, reboots, logins under WOUTempAdmin, installs some more, reboots again. I log in under again with that passwordless user, and proceed with settings.

But today, it stuck with wrong password after reboot while trying to auto-login under WOUTempAdmin. There's no "switch user" link under password (usually there is), and I don't know WOUTempAdmin password. Fortunately, I didn't set up much and didn't activate Windows yet (I do that after reliability testing to avoid loosing activation), so reinstalling is an option. Still, that's strange.

Re: Problem after Windows 10 update

PostPosted: 05.04.2019, 19:00
by aker
I currently don't know, if this trick is still possible on Windows 10, but we could try:
Press CTRL+ALT+DEL for up to 5 seconds; does it show a possibility to login as a different user now?

Re: Problem after Windows 10 update

PostPosted: 06.04.2019, 17:53
by ObtrudeBacker
Hmmm, interesting, didn't know holding C-A-D does anything. Will try once I get this effect again.

Re: Problem after Windows 10 update

PostPosted: 06.04.2019, 19:50
by aker
On older Windows versions CTRL+ALT+DEL shows the classic login screen with field for username and password.
I used this method the last time at Windows XP times, but maybe it still works.

Also you could try pressing and holding SHIFT while Windows is starting up.
This should prevent Autologon.

Re: Problem after Windows 10 update

PostPosted: 06.04.2019, 21:42
by boco
I remember that, on XP, you had, on the modern login screen, to press CTRL+ALT+DEL two times, in order to get the classic prompt. And, you could set the classic prompt as default.

IIRC, that method doesn't work anymore since Vista.

Re: Problem after Windows 10 update

PostPosted: 07.04.2019, 10:22
by sydneysidesteve
boco wrote:
Win10 drives me crazy, where has even the options screen gone when pressing F8 during the windows logo showing up at the start ?
Yeah, Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom, don't provide that menu by default anymore. To get into repair mode, you need three consecutive unclean shutdowns. From there, you can activate the "Advanced boot options".

It's possible to reactivate the old menu, but that will disable hybrid/fast shutdown/boot.

I was able to get into the recovery screen (the F8 screen) by holding the shift key while left mouse clicking the power icon, which presents two further options 'restart' or 'shut down'. And then selecting the restart brings your computer to the recovery console mode and the advanced boot options, for example, Troubleshoot > Reset this PC.

Link: Microsoft help
Reset or reinstall Windows 10

hope this helps

Re: Problem after Windows 10 update

PostPosted: 10.04.2019, 20:55
by aker
Still seems to work; didn't have the time to try yet, but will do for sure.
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Re: Problem after Windows 10 update

PostPosted: 07.05.2019, 22:45
by franky
Ok, today i found time to do some research this Problem.
There is a registry setting named: "LastLoggedOn..."
it is in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Authentication\LogonUI

What i have done:
Boot from c´t notfall windows 2019 (any bootable software with registry editior should work)
Changed those 2 Settings to my default username: "LastLoggedOnSAMUser" and "LastLoggedOnUse2"
Deleted the other two keys "LastLoggedOnUserSID" and "LastLoggedOnDisplayName"

After saving this registry settings i could reboot and enter my username in the Loginscreen again.

This article helped me a lot: ... ee934efd71

Re: Problem after Windows 10 update

PostPosted: 10.05.2019, 21:28
by WSUSUpdateAdmin

The "Autorecall" feature has now (v. 11.7) been disabled for Windows 10 clients.