An error occured but "Installation successful"?

An error occured but "Installation successful"?

Postby GCRaistlin » 14.02.2019, 20:20

Here's the log:
Code: Select all
22:11:58,45 - Installing update 4 of 4 (stage size: 280)...
Verifying integrity of ..\w63-x64\glb\
hashdeep64.exe: Audit passed
Installing ..\w63-x64\glb\

Error: 3017

The requested operation failed. A system reboot is required to roll back changes
Warning: Installation of ..\w63-x64\glb\ failed (errorlevel: 3017).
Restoring screensaver setting...
Activating previous power scheme...
Deleting temporary power scheme...

Installation successful. Please reboot your system now.

I suppose installation can't be called successful if there was an error.
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