Windows 10 seems to wait to finish updates

Windows 10 seems to wait to finish updates

Postby Huub » 13.12.2018, 13:59

Yesterday I downloaded and installed the latest Windows 10 updates using WSUS Offline. Afterwards I rebooted the system and fully disabled Windows Update.
This morning I had to restart the system twice. The second time (thid reboot after installing the updates!) Windows came up with "Getting things ready ...". It took al long time before the system was restarted. I have looked at the installed updates, but no new updates were installed. Windows Update is still disabled.
Has anyone else seen this behavior?

It seems Windows 10 does not finish the installation of updates all at once, but picks its own time to do this.
Since we are using Windows 10 systems in a 24/7 production environment, we want control the update process and not have to wait for an hour because Windows thinks it is ready to finish updates or whatever it is doing.
Can someone explain why this is happening and what Windows is doing?
And most important: How can I prevent Windows from doing this?
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Re: Windows 10 seems to wait to finish updates

Postby Dalai » 13.12.2018, 15:54

The message "Getting things ready" is usually a sign that a feature update (i.e. Windows Upgrade) is in its last steps, e.g. from 1803 to 1809.

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Re: Windows 10 seems to wait to finish updates

Postby boco » 13.12.2018, 16:11

AFAIK, it's used for many things. Pending file renames/deletions, cleaning up etc.
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